The future protein is the major topic of the last years in the food industry. Long critised, the meat industry is one of the major culprit for diverse reasons from climate change or ethical motivations.

New actors have recently decided to disrupt the protein market. By creating new proteins with cell based meat or proteins create by fermentation. Others have decided to promote the plant based proteins by creating meat like products or assuming the vegetable character of this new product lines.


Auriane’s heritage is a butcher family. Both grand fathers were butchers and so is her father. Studying the future of food, she began to have an interest in the future of protein. Why could we hear more and more than we should reduce our meat consumption ? Auriane got triggered and began to focus her research in the future of protein. She has met many actors in this industry, from vegan associations, lab grown meat companies to farmers. Hearing these different perspective, she started to believe that the future of protein would not only be meat, or lab grown meat, or vegetable protein. Auriane believes that we will consume protein from a large variety of sources, not only one. She is convinced every protein source has its advantages and drawbacks from a production and consumption perspective.

Last year, she wrote with two other researchers the “Future of proteins” book that relates the stories of the future of protein actors.

Download the book and maps of the book here

Since then, Auriane always has an eye for the innovators in these industry and is constantly observing the consumer behavior towards it.

Since last year, she decided to take the challenge to begin a vegetarian diet in order to better understand the need of this industry, while keeping her heart with the meat industry as well. She has the strength to understand both the vegetarian world as she doesn’t eat meat anymore, and the meat industry with which she is always in contact with thanks to her heritage.

She recently began a blog in order to educate and inspire consumers to reduce their consumption of meat and above all, how to consume more vegetables without any health risks. Link of the blog here.


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