Ideas are perceived differently until they are acted. It is therefore important to quickly turn an idea into a concrete prototype in order to align the perspectives on this and move fast forward. Create food concepts until the industrial transfer, focused on the consumer’s experience while optimizing or adapting to the company technology and addressing global challenges.

You need to optimize your product line in order to please your loyal consumers ?

Or you would like to create a new product range in order to acquire new consumers ?

Pre-Product development

  • Market & Competitor analysis; taste, price, positioning
  • Demand analysis in your sector and category
  • Trend analysis
  • Consumer profile
  • Ideas & concepts; product, range, menu
  • Design thinking methodology

Product development

  • Recipe formulation
  • Recipe & Packaging prototype creation
  • Ingredients sourcing
  • Packaging solutions
  • Initial product costings & margins
  • Visual identity and branding
  • Assist you with recipe scale up, processing and packing solutions


Innovation drives change in our lifestyles and we like change as it gives us the opportunity to a better life we didn’t think of before, but also opportunities for business and new market spaces.

You need to stimulate creativity in your organisation ?

You organise an event and need an inspirational talk on a specific food topic ?

You would like to organise an innovation day in your company ?

  • Creativity workshops or innovation day to stimulate the future thinking
  • Food tour organisation to stimulate creativity and open up innovation
  • Speaker on your conference for different topics around the future of food.


The food industry is moving fast. It is then crucial to follow up what is happening. You need to be updated constantly and innovate. Including innovation as part of the value portfolio is the best way to encourage its practice and remind everyone to keep an eye and mind opened to change & novelty.

→ You feel you need to be aware of the trends and innovations happening in your category ?

→ You feel you need to be proactive in the next food movements and be aware of different signals worldwide ?

→ Your product line needs change to fulfil your consumer needs ?

→ You would like to create a new food product line but you don’t have a clue what ?

→ You have a product line and would like to have more information on your consumers ?


Strategic watch & reports releases

  • Research and strategic watch on the new investments and new products happening in your category internationally.
  • Product line analysis and identification of strategic developments, through NPD or communication strategy

Specific market studies & potential innovation identification

  • Research on specific topics in the future of food to keep you updated on the news in your specific sector.
  • Diverse food trend reports
  • Identification of potential niches in the market for your industry for new product lines

Consumer research

  • Identification of your consumer profiles for your current or future product lines : Who are your current consumer profiles ? What are they looking for when purchasing your products ? What is important in your brand ?

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